Thursday, July 27, 2006

Feline - canine friends

Meet Bow Tie. He's been with me for 14 years. Soon he will be the resident cat of East Village Bed and Coffee ( -- patiently relaxing, awaiting my return (thanks a million, Anne!) I think he will have his own adventure on Avenue C with sweet Fang, Anne's German shepherd! They seem to get along, and we hope their friendship will flourish.


Blogger jimabe said...

Hi Chris and Bow Tie.

I lost my best friend in the whole world on July 12th, my old buddy Snowball so I am envious of you guys.

Here's the note I sent out those who knew Snowball:

(“Mister”) Snowball -- b. 1989?, d. July 12, 2006

Mr. Snowball had some kind of slimy mouth that he used to lick onto his shoulder so that his fur ended up turning a bit orange. We thought that if we took it to the vet, he'd have to get mouth surgery or other things so that they might just recommend putting him down, so we just let him go on without any additional stress. This is Mr. about 1/2 year ago where discoloration is visible on his side. Later on, he showed visible open sores on leg, arm, and top of head and we suspected Peter (the new cat) may have had some scraps with him although it was never confirmed. In the last few days though, Mr. Snowball had trouble walking, and at the end he could barely stand at all. Yesterday, Ma said a rosary for Snowball and gave Snowball permission to leave as soon as possible. Yesterday Ma announced to me that she gave Snowball an hour to go. I saw Ma with her bottle of holy water. I knew by the pained use of his limbs and his inability to stand or walk right that he was on the way out. I had to leave for a gig and informed the sisters of Mister's condition. When I got back home after midnight, Snowball was still alive but mostly immobile, lying in the kitchen. I said a few prayers for my old buddy and got him his old blanket to lie on. When I picked him up to set him on his blanket, he felt pretty stiff, not supple. Snowball seemed to go right to sleep in the hallway near the kitchen on his blanket. He seemed comfortable. I moved myself a few feet from Snowball to the couch in the living room and was going to camp out there in case Snowball had any last words for me. When 3-4am came around, Ma started to get up so I ended my vigil by going to bed on the couch. She started to do laundry and during the course of her going up and down the stairs, when the dawn started to break, Snowball stopped breathing.

Who can confirm Snowball's approximate birth year? I remember first meeting Snowball at Fay's and Jim's pad in Chicago when they were living somewhere near Pulaski. Was this before or after Little Rita? I can't remember. All I remember is that Snowball has always had the habit of walking up to you and trying to sit on your lap, or trying to get noticed. When George was visiting a few days ago, I remember Snowball climbing onto the couch and in an effort to get some attention, put his paw on George's arm and begin to lightly extend his claws. But to me, Snowball would dig his claws into me.

On one visit to the vet, Snowball shunned the other cat that was walking freely upon the front desk. Snowball can get along with humans, but he's not too friendly with other cats. Around the house, Snowball was the boss of a much larger and much stronger Peter. In front of us, Peter was always nervous around Snowball, but we would hear hissing in the dark coming from a face-off between the two.

Ma would always say that Snowball was the old man's cat. There was even some jealousy between the old man and Snowball as the old man would tell ma that Snowball was her husband.

Ma and I went out for coffee this late afternoon and she again reminded me that she thought Snowball was looking at someone yesterday (someone who wasn't there). Ma said that as she lay down for rest, she felt as though she should make something to eat for the old man, as if he was here, and so she was kind of confused. (She felt his presence.) Ma says that Snowball is with the old man now.

Pictured: Mister Snowball (Dec. 7, 2005) with obvious orange stain, two-toned flea collar, and festive holiday ribbon

3:05 AM  
Blogger christene said...


My condolences to you regarding the loss of Snowball!


9:37 AM  
Blogger MOTHER OF FANG said...

Hey Chris, Bow Tie and Ms. Fang are staking out their territory. I'm giving Bow Tie the preferential treatment now. He seems to like the stinking shoes in our bedroom and Joe's dirty liquor bottles primed for artistic recycling underneath the big worktable. Fang on the other hand is feeling neglected and needy. It didn't help much giving her a bath today in the 100+ heat. Baths alone are cause for trouble with her. Anyway, it's all going to work out. Mr. BT always shows his face when I ask!

12:03 AM  
Blogger christene said...

Hi Anne!

He has always had a fetish for stinking shoes, I think he imprinted to shoes when he was a young'un.

Yes, B.T. is instinctively social, so I think when he is feeling more confident, he will be ready make friends with Fang (poor girl).

Most importantly, is he eating?



7:40 PM  
Blogger christene said...

THIS JUST IN: Feline - canine update

Report by Anne to me via email.

Bow Tie and Fang have become friends and companions are now keeping company together.


3:42 AM  
Anonymous MOTHER OF FANG said...

Fang and Bow Tie are hilarious. Fang has been pussy whipped. Now they just follow each other around all day and swap hiding spaces. A lot of butt sniffing going on too. Bow Tie has taken over the sofa, which frustrates Fang because she’s not allowed on the furniture. Oh, Bowtie IS eating.

12:48 AM  
Blogger oldtownboys said...

Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.

8:47 PM  
Blogger christene said...

OTBz: Thanks for that. I'll try to keep everyone entertained and up-to-date as I also flex my creative muscles (if they are not completely atrophied).

Anne: Fang is the girl and Bow Tie is the boy, so how does that work? (What I mean is, a girl cannot be pussy-whipped unless it's regarding another girl, no?)

Please have one of your guests take a picture and send it to me --I would love to see this!


6:39 PM  
Blogger christene said...

Sorry guys, more BLAM above, but I will try to be more astute and reject these (with the hidden links)!

10:01 PM  

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