Monday, September 04, 2006

I need a massage (that won't be hard to find here in Chengdu)

In and around Chengdu:

Well, instead of calves, I have 2 rocks; instead of thighs, I have 2 large rocks. I'm mostly okay -- so long as I don't move a muscle.

At the moment I'm taking perverse pleasure in squashing the mosquitoes (against the computer screen) which dare present themselves to me -- in retaliation for the 50 some-odd bites I have on my person (and this count is no exaggeration).

I hiked around Mt. Emei for 3 (slightly hellish, subtropically wet) days. I won't say 'I hiked up Mt. Emei' because I did not reach the top. The climate was moist to say the least. I could only get dry by sleeping in wet clothes under monastic covers. And, yes, I forgot the mosquito repellent in Chengdu.

I have more to tell, but at the moment I'm blogged out and needing sleep. More to come.


Blogger Rachel said...

Manolo wants to know if you found a place to get a massage. 50 mosquito bites!! Yikes!!! Sounds like when we were in MatalascaƱas (beach in Huelva, Spain) at night. We have NEVER seen so many mosquitos!!! I hope they sell calamine lotion in China.

8:47 PM  

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