Saturday, October 21, 2006

Onto Laos

I'm at the internet / phone place awaiting 9am CST, so I can call the airline to again delay my flight to South Africa.

You see, I decided to go to Laos. I'll have about one week to travel through southern Laos and onto Vientiane, the capital.

Yes, this Cambodia and Laos interlude was completely unplanned. But now that I am here and loving it as much as I am, I can't not!


Southeast Asia has some of the same feel as Tibet in the spontaneous reunions, seeing the same travelers in different places, repeatedly, unplanned. So, a shared boat ride one day on the Mekong in Vietnam turns into running into each other at Angkor Wat in Cambodia or a few beers together. We stopped being surprised that we kept seeing each other in different places and knew with the variabilities in travel it couldn't work better even if we had planned it!


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