Friday, January 05, 2007

In Cairo just now


I am presently in Cairo (just arrived this afternoon). So far, I like it very much! The architecture is gorgeous (mix of British colonial and Egyptian). I am staying in a more residential part of town (i.e., non-touristic) in a comfy, old hotel (high ceilings, hardwood floors). It's very clean.

Tomorrow, it's to the Pyramids at Giza. Also, tomorrow is Coptic Christmas Eve (same time as Ethiopian Gena). Maybe I'll witness some of that here.

So, I owe you an entry on Lalibela. I will get to that as the next order of business (in order, I reserved a space for it). I'll have to do that another time as I've been at this internet terminal for going on 4 hours.

I've been arranging (with the help of my sweet sarster and sweet friend Melanie) a couple upcoming trips -- trips within my trip! I decided that the antidote to my travel weariness is a visit home to Chicago to see family and good, long-time friends. I will be in Chicago from Jan. 14 - 22. Hooray! Following that, I will visit good, long-time friends in Flensburg, Germany. So all of this will renew me and refresh me for the rest of my trip. After Egypt, Chicago and Germany via Madrid, I'll travel to Morocco, briefly in Barcelona, then onto Brazil, Chile and Argentina.

This trip home and to see friends in Germany will make the rest of the trip happier, better, sweeter. I already feel upbeat just thinking about it!


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