Thursday, December 28, 2006

Tanzania wrap-up

Lion seen at Tarangire NP:

(She was mostly sleeping lazily, but she took notice of a several impalas that were grazing close by and hadn't detected her. In the end she decided either it was too hot or she was not hungry. For us she was a lucky sighting, because in the wet season it is hard to see predators at Tarangire!)

In Tarangire, elephants abound:

A giant baobab in full bloom:


I spent 30 days in Tanzania and did A LOT! I saw most of the major national parks and reserves in Tanzania. I saw and traveled over much of the landscape by train, bus, daladala, landcruiser and dhow. I gained a sense of the fullness and diversity of beautiful and complex Tanzania.

I experienced deep personal learnings, made innumerable mistakes, and took countless risks for what I feel are life-altering rewards. Of course, there is always the opportunity to go deeper in my knowlegde and understanding of Tanzania, and I hope for that in the future.

My wish to know Africa not just to travel in Africa, I feel, came to fruition -- at the very end, spending time in and around Endallah, a tiny village you can't find on most maps.

I think this love for Tanzania is infectious. I met it in many of the people with whom I shared the journey, and in the end that love became as much deeply rooted in myself.

The trip has changed me. These honorable people have given me some of the finest examples of being.


Special thanks to the Bruno, Annick, Sara and Simon for our times together in Lake Manyara, Endallah, Tarangire, and more! Sharing the holidays with you was joyful and especially meaningful to me as I was missing my own family!

Special thanks to John and family for being an excellent host and guide and for welcoming me into your home and treating me like family. Thank you for all that you are doing to raise Endallah up; to witness all that is inspiring.


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