Sunday, June 18, 2006

Why I travel

Those who know me -- my family, my friends -- know that I have wanderlust. Some share my excitement and give me good counsel (Rachel, whom I met on the first day of 6th grade, whom I call my sister without baggage). Others begrudgingly accept me (dearest Mom) and worry (naturally) and don't necessarily understand, but ultimately know that I'm just being me.

This trip comes as a career break. For the last year, I worked 85+ hours a week for a company that cares only for its bottom line (definition of a for-profit company, I suppose). Those who know me (or know me better than I know myself at times, such as my sarster Sharon) know that it's unlikely that these crazy jobs somehow happen to find me over and over again... It’s part of my pattern (work ethic in overdrive in lieu of personal happiness). So, I’m attempting to “de-program” myself of this over the next several months and explore the terrain outwardly and inwardly.

For me travel is transformation, so when you read my blog and follow me in my adventures (albeit in the comfort of your living room or home office), you bear witness to me. For that I am grateful.

Explanation of the title of my blog:
When I went to Africa for the first time, in a very powerful way it came to me that I needed to do three things: touch the earth, dance with abandon and heal myself. This knowing stayed with me since that time though largely unattended when my life became too busy, complicated and impersonal. So, I am renewing myself to these efforts because this is how I replenish myself on the road within.