Friday, April 13, 2007


Iguazu Falls, Argentina:

I arrived to the falls early, and I decided to walk the Green Trail to the Upper and Lower Circuits first to see the falls at a distance. This was the right decision! A gaggle of monkeys greeted me -- 4 adolescent boys (playful, wrestling each other in the trees) with their father close by. Then, when faced with the decision whether to start with the Upper or Lower Circuit first, a coati, which is a snout-nosed creature with a raccoon-like body, tail and behavior (they are scavengers), beckoned me along the upper trail. I followed it. After about 50 meters, it turned around to walk right past me. I thought that unusual, but it was walking toward its family, about a dozen more coati. The coati family stayed until some very loud, oblivious tourists approached. (They were the bane of my existence some hours that morning, they talked like shouting and I finally evaded them by waiting at the side of a path about 45 minutes.)

The falls are amazing, breath-taking and left me humbled thinking about the power of their water and height.

I felt awe and intense optimism upon seeing for the first time in my life this precious sight: the water mists feeding the air, becoming clouds. Whenever I see factories or trucks emiting clouds of polution into the air (as I did every single day in New York City and most other places in the world!) I wince, wondering why people don't realize that poluting the air is like shitting in your food before eating it... Well, at Iguazu, the rushing, falling water creates a mist so intense that it rises up into the air to become clouds.

For me, river waters feeding the sky in renewal is one of the most beautiful and hopeful things to behold!


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