Saturday, September 23, 2006

Imbibing Tibet

I drink relentless dusty roads under stark desert skies in frigid-tailed winds and a scorching sun. I drink highest Tibetan and Nepalese and Indian peaks, white lidded mountains against infinite expressions of blue. I drink tire-devouring rockfalls, potash earth and river crossings of gleaming mineral waters. I drink eroded hills of earthen clay of greens, browns and purples. I drink rough road tracks on mountain ledges over steep passes and undulating earth. I drink yaks, mustangs and antelopes grazing the wild, barren terrain. I drink vultures circling high above an overturned jeep down a roadside ledge. I drink death close at hand and a terrible beauty and an infinite, convex sky. I wish for release in freefall, freedom from fear when death comes and when death comes release.


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