Friday, September 08, 2006

Mt. Emei

It is about 3000m to the top in 3 days, and it matters where you start, otherwise, you will have to spend more time (if you have it, which I did not) in a state of skank -- I am not kidding -- no showers at the monasteries, unless you are willing to bathe in freezing cold water in a cement stall with no door (single sex bathrooms, of course, but still).

Well, I had neither the correct strategy nor complete information.

This is what they don't write in guidebooks: the most logical place to start appears to be Baoguo Temple, which is to your left when facing Emei. BUT DON'T START THERE if you intend to get to the top by your own exertion. Instead, start climbing the stairs at the Wannian cable car station.

Even though I didn't get to the top (yes, I'm rubbing the salt into my own wound!), I had a great time. Here are some exhibits for your perusal:


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