Saturday, September 16, 2006

Under the radar

I'm in Lhatse now, a 1-street town in southwest Tibet, not too far from the Nepal border, elevation 4,050m. This will be my last internet for about 2 weeks (oh, how will I survive??@!?)

The landscape on the drive out was stunning -- and made my heart open and buoyant.

I love the dancing cloud patterns on the mountains, and I can never stop looking at them. I love that while standing on the ground, I can see the clouds directly on the horizon. I love the bright, expansive Tibetan sky and quality of color and light at this elevation. I love that sometimes driving between 2 mountain peaks it's raining, then a moment just past the strait, no rain. I love that while driving on some of the high passes I am looking down upon other (very high!) mountains.

I am getting a little worried about Mt. Kailash. While I've had no serious problems with the altitude, my leg muscles feel atrophied after any uphill excursion... Well, leave it to me to pick one of the most difficult treks in Tibet for my first trip. So please wish me luck and send me white light, especially September 20-22 when I will be on the kora.

So, now I sign off for 2 weeks. When I return, I promise I will catch you up on my time in Lhasa and the rest of my Western Tibet trip in words and pictures.


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