Thursday, October 26, 2006

Laos is the epitome of relaxation II

...but frankly it's a little too relaxed for me right now -- what with 4-hour bus rides having turned into 8 because something goopy stored in a plastic jug on the top of the bus for cargo spilled and they decided to wipe the bus down in the middle of the trip with toilet paper; also one hotel receptionist having quoted half the rate the hotel clerk the next day demanded, and I'm expected to pay that double rate, but they cannot wake up and bring the person who quoted me the rate when I am trying to leave early the next morning...

Well, you get the picture. (But, there won't be any pictures of Laos on this blog, because I left accidentally left my charger and extra battery in Vietnam, and my camera battery ran out at Angkor Wat, and those of you following my blog know that the my visits to Cambodia and Laos were spontaneous, unplanned.)

Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic because everyone I met along the way who had been to Laos raved about the country, and maybe I am not a fair judge because I was feeling a bit travel weary (I've done a lot of moving around in the last 3 weeks via several long, hot bus rides). And to be fair, a country like Laos (very undeveloped) needs to be traveled slowly and appreciated for its beauty and nature, so the next time I am here (yes, there will be a next time!) I will do just that.

But other things happened here, other wonderful things, and I will write that momentarily, but first, the rankings.


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