Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Botswana, briefly

I'm in Botswana now, only very briefly, for a side-trip to see the Okavanga Delta, the largest inland river in all Africa with abundant plant and animal life. We have only 3 nights here, then it's back to Windhoek to drop off the rental car and to catch the bus to Livingstone (yes as in "Livingstone, I presume?"), Zambia.

Immediately Botswana felt different from Namibia (stark and barren) and from South Africa (developed, at times manicured). We can't speed here because the cops have radars and because of the many animals on the road -- mostly cows, goats, donkeys, horses. It's very green, not to mention hot and humid! We are told to use lots of mosquito repellant and to wear long-sleeves and pants to protect ourselves from malaria (of course, because of the delta).


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