Monday, November 06, 2006

Becoming 'like a left person'

I'm in Nelspruit, South Africa, which is between Johannesberg and Kruger National Park. A friend from New York (who since moved back home to Croatia) is here with me giving me good company!

Yesterday in Johannesberg, we visited the Apartheid Museum. Though I had familiarity with the history and I followed the end of apartheid as it was unfolding, I came to see many more layers of it, and I began to understand why still most every South African I met (in Cape Town) has a furrow on the brow and not an open countenance. It was so moving, I was in tears.

Today, I will begin my first ever African safari!

My big adventure has been driving on the left side of the road in a manual transmission car with the driver seat on the right side of the car. I have to constantly coach and remind myself to stay on the left side, turn to the left side, 'drive like a left person' -- it's challenging.


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