Saturday, November 04, 2006

Cape Town escapades II

The next day I went to Hout Bay, drove along the Atlantic coast, did a tiny bit of bicycle riding and hiking, and reached the south-westerly most point of Africa, Cape Point! I saw whales, baboons, ostriches, dassies and jackass penguins (when they cry they sound like donkeys). The scenery was STUNNING, truly some of the most breathtakingly-beautiful I have seen IN THE WORLD.

Hout Bay:

Lovely creatures:

The coast:

Cape Point:

Some great gals I met that day and I went out for a dinner at my favorite little cafe on the corner (I eat there once a day hee hee), a friendly place with healthy food, a cool vibe and mixed crowd, followed by music and dancing at Mama Africa. Yes, this is a tourist establishment, but the band played with their souls and spirits, and even the covers they did, they made all their own.

I caught the tail end of a birthday celebration for a very special person at the guesthouse and shared more good music and true revelations of our beings. How often do you meet people with whom you can talk honestly and openly from the get-go? It is happening here.


Anonymous From Chelsea, NYC to Chelsea, London (soon) said...

What beautifully uplifting photos... but I say again:
"Where are the occasional photos of YOU on your travels? We want to see how you're looking these days! Whether you're eating enough (Jewish Mama kicking in here); and what the trendy travellor is wearing this season. (Ha ha)

I turned down the offer of staying with friends in South Africa some years ago.... I can see from your blog I probably made a big mistake, and should have gone.
I grew up with such anti South African feelings.... there was a constant vigil for years outside the S. A. Embassy in central London until the day Nelson Mandela was released from prison! I remember watching his release on TV with Noel... in tears, as I hadn't trusted that day would come.
It's moving to see the photo of his prison cell... where such great ideas were born and developed. What an inspiring man.

Glad you're soaking up so much beautiful landscape and having so much fun too!
Dan xxx

2:15 AM  

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