Saturday, January 27, 2007

With friends

I'm in the tranquil harbortown of Flensburg, in northern Germany, in visual distance from Denmark. The confluence of Danish rule and German rule flavors this agrarian landscape, and we've spent the last few days enjoying the fresh and wintry air, making small day trips to the coasts (Baltic Sea and North Sea) to see the fjords and salt marshes and to search for the wild horses.

Yesterday chefs Sasha and Melanie prepared the best tagine I have had in my life with their homemade ras al hanout (spice mixture which is the soul of Moroccan cuisine) -- no, they are not Moroccan either! I am happy and serene to be in the company of long-time friends, friends whom I know will be my life-long friends.

The chefs declined to have their (very cute) photo incorporated into my blog, but here is the coast:

In Hamburg:


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