Tuesday, January 09, 2007

On the Nile

In Aswan, on the Nile, in Lower Egypt of the Nubian south (more pictures to come!)


Some of the joys of travel (27 of them)

I have 27 bites on the inner side of my right leg below my knee, most of them flea bites (from Lalibela where to see the interiors of the churches one removes one shoes and steps into damp, flea-infested straw that lines the floor). That body part has more bites than others, but I shudder to think how many bites in total I have on all parts of my body.

For a while after Lalibela, new bites continued to appear daily despite my diligent and thorough clothes washing following each visit. I became suspicious fleas were living in my hiking boots. The new bites finally subsided, but most of the wounds are still open and raw.

Three mysterious bug-like bites remain from Chungdu (China) from early October. (I say bug-like, because I don't know what creature caused them, the wounds were deeper than usual, and the fact that they still remain means they are likely not ordinary mosquito bites.


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