Tuesday, March 20, 2007

These are PEANUT BUTTER days

We had such a good day, a spontaneous one with a rental car and 4 wanderers.

(Explanation of title:

Over morning breakfast, when someone sitting across the table offered the last of her (North American-style) peanut butter (which to that point had lasted her through 6 weeks of travel) to someone sitting at the table to my right (who had been living in Buenos Aires the last several months and planning to spend the summer there as well, who hadn't found peanut butter to his liking anywhere in BsAs), I never saw such a huge, warm, whole smile from someone not a child.

Today our mantra was Yyyyyeeeeaaaahhhhh!!!clap-clap-clap-clap!! This was passed on from the peanut butter smiler's second grade teacher through him to us. It's contagious. Now when we feel gleeful which is often this erupts spontaneously from our hands, faces, lips and hearts.

These are the days we are having here and now.)



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