Thursday, March 08, 2007

Winding down the last days in Brazil

My time here in Brazil is coming to a close. I´m excited about going to Easter Island followed by Patagonia, but I don´t want to leave. If I could only stretch this time out for another couple weeks...a familiar feeling for a far flung place where I have found parts of myself.

I´ve been spending these last few days seeing life in Brazil from the perspective of a friend and fellow traveler I met in Cambodia who spent almost 2.5 years abroad before going home to Brazil. Time was spent in the home life of my friend, just going to (his) work or spending time with his family and friends. So, we´re running around Natal doing some of the things of normal days of his life and some things for me (like swimming at Natal´s spectacular Punta Negra beach!) This was perhaps the best time of all the time I spent in Brazil, nothing equals the knowledge, experience and perspective of one who lives there which can be elusive for the traveler (especially when rushing from place to place!) By my friend, his family and friends, I felt truly welcomed. And naturally, I am very interested in his state of mind after being places of which the average person has no notion and loving that traveling life and that coming to a close. I will soon experience that myself, and I wonder what it will be like to appear relatively the same to family and friends and feel different on the inside as I do now.

Oh, and I must mention the divine açai we had in Natal (specialty fruit from the Amazonia region, only available in Brazil, eaten like sorbet -- !!!!!)

I had a beautiful time in Brazil -- many good times with great people, many new experiences and funny stories. I am a traveler at heart, so the thought of moving onward always brings anticipation and palpitations, though the want for more time in Brazil gripped me as forcefully. I´m happy with all I did, and I have no doubt, I will return.

And now, the rest of this blog owes a debt of immense gratitude to my friend who loaned me his camera. Magnus, how magnanimous!

Muitos abrazos e obrigados para MAGNUS KELLY VIEIRA GOMES! Vôce é o melhor!


Anonymous Lost in Transit said...

Oh yes! I know that feeling only too well.... thinking that your old 'home-town' friends will see you as the same person, when you know how changed you are from all the experiences in far flung places.
How different your life has been not only from theirs, but also from how yours was before you went away.

Somehow, the friends who take the trouble to look carefully will appreciate all the new aspects in your character; how you have grown & changed.
And I'm sure they will be impressed by all you have done!

Enjoy these last phases,
Dan x

5:55 PM  

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