Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exasperation with myself


There will be no further pictures on my blog until I replace my camera that I lost with my own carelessness. I was rushing (which I have been since I arrived in Brazil -- this will not be a restful portion of my trip!), and I was distracted...I left it at the hotel internet cafe attached to a computer in order to post pictures on the blog! I called within 10 minutes after I left, but it was long gone...

Unfortunately, in Brazil digital cameras are priced at 250% of their worth due to low demand, so I'm not sure what I'll do.

I'm now in Salvador de Bahia, where the best carnival is of all Brazil! It's an amazing place -- with the crumbling colonial buildings still ornate and robed in tinted pastels and everyone's full energy and focus on Carnival. Many Brazilians are here; they say at any one time there are more than 2 million people dancing in the streets! Unfortunately, I'm rushing here and there to squeeze it all into an insufficient amount of time for Brazil. Tomorrow I board a 30-hour bus to Sao Paolo in order to catch my flight to Manaus in Amazonia.

SPECIAL THANKS: to the Sambodrom Sector 7 - Copa Hostal crew members Luisa, Lise and Pierre! I'm happy to have spent the time with you!


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