Thursday, October 26, 2006

Something wonderful, something synchronistic

I ran into a fellow Tibet traveler in Vientiane -- we ended up checking the same hotel without having much planned it! We exchanged some email prior but didn't believe we would be in the same place at the same time as we were coming from opposite directions and on different time tables. Later, I intercepted him on the street.

It's synchronistic. (Yes, there are plenty enough hotels in Vientiane to make this feel unusual and special.)

That I was in Laos at all on this trip was unexpected to myself. That I would rush from southern Laos to the capital because as I was unable to obtain information about (nor reservation for) the flight I needed from Vientiane to Ho Chi Minh for a particular date for my onward flights to South Africa, was decided the night prior.

Today we had good fun, a hot day walking all around Vientiane (over 15km!) and some boredom too tonight because it is such a sleepy town that we couldn't even find a bookstore open at 7pm!

I think we couldn't have planned it better.


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