Saturday, November 25, 2006

Onto Zambia

First glimpse of Zambia from the bus:

I boarded a night bus to travel from Windhoek, Namibia to Livingstone, Zambia, just 11km from the famed Victoria Falls on the border with Zimbabwe.

This is dry season, so that means from the Zambia side I will see not a drop of water. To see any water, I will have to cross into Zimbabwe for the day. I wanted to avoid going into the country of that thug Mugabe, but I do not want to leave the area without seeing the falls. In dry season the trickle of water to be seen only on the Zim side is 4% of what one sees in the rainy season.


I'm in Livingstone, Zambia.

I was terribly sick today with some food poisoning, too sick to go to Victoria Falls.....I tried, I boarded the free shuttle from the guesthouse, but had to turn right around due to convulsing pains in my intestines (like someone had a grip on me with a wrench and was turning and tightening the wrench...) I slept for several hours in the shady African breeze. I don't feel that bad, because it is the dry season, so there is no water herein Zambia, just on the Zimbabwe side. I could stick around another day to go, but I don't feel so inclined (slight regrets about missing Victoria Falls, maybe would think differently if I didn't have my onward bus ticket for tomorrow and if the Falls were flowing...) so I'm moving onto Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, mostly to do some bureaucratic things like go to the U.S. Embassy to get more pages in my passport.


Anonymous Back in Britain said...

Truly amazing photos...... how wonderful!
It's hard to believe such beauty exists on the same planet as various overcrowded and filthy cities I know too well.
I've given up on seeing a nice photo of you in one of these settings. Does that mean you're not actually going round the world... but just putting together a fascinating blog from the comfort of your NYC living room?
Ha ha.
Hope all is well as I write.
Best of British good wishes..... D xx

9:24 PM  

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