Monday, February 05, 2007

In Fes

Fes, Morocco:

I am in now Fes, having mixed feelings. There is a very dark, sexual aggression here that is meant to belittle and humiliate just because you walk down the street. When declining a faux guide the response becomes abusive. Even when in male company, these predators are expert in doing it under their noses so only you notice. I know I have a choice. I can choose not to be offended, as well, I can choose to leave.

I have met some very nice travelers, and the days go away doing nothing very much. Fes is not renound for its historical sites other than the city itself being the old capital, but we pass the time drinking tea and talking and laughing. Since my fellow travelers came from Marrekech, they are prep'ing me on the tactics that the sellers in the souqs use, especially manipulations of verb forms. Typical conversation with a merchant: 'I don't want these shoes.' 'Okay, I know you don't want these shoes, but *if* you wanted these shoes, how much *would* you pay?'

From our hotel terrace, site of crazy happenings last night, including a concert by an unstudied accordian player and a side show of break-dancing:

Today, I'm heading to Chefchaoun for a few days, followed by a long train ride to Marrakech (8 hours is long for trains in Morocco).


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