Saturday, March 24, 2007

Intensely alive

I'm now in Puerto Natales, the town from which most hikes in Torres del Paine are staged. I am heading there tomorrow morning, early. I won't be on internet for the next 5 nights or so (this is the current plan, but I may stay longer if I feel like it or may return sooner if the weather is insanely bad).

The weather looks like crap for the next few days. Leaving Sunday, I'll start my hike in the rain, wind and mud. I'll do the W from west to east and hope the clouds and rain clear before I reach the Torres del Paine massif, the park's namesake.

Lots of folks around here spent the day or days rushing around in preparation for TDP. While any undertaking such as this requires planning and preparation, I have felt relaxed in the whole matter (as I don't need to rush and this is the very reason I came to Patagonia).

Everyday since I have been in Patagonia I have seen bright, fully arched rainbows. And I love the way that packs of friendly dogs escort you around town for the day, waiting patiently outside when you go into a shop or restaurant, wanting only affection and attention (but of course relishing every morsel of leftovers should you bring unfinished food).

I feel very relaxed and at the same time I feel intensely alive.

On the waterfront:

Companions for the day:

Again the convex sky:


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