Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Shades of Chefchaoun Blue

This is a beautiful place nestled in the mountains; now cold, yes, but gentle, charming, easy-going. The walls of the medina are painted various hues of blue, and the whole place has an airy feel. There are no hard sells here and few hassles.

View of the mountains from the main square within the medina (with the casbah to the right):

The streets of the medina:

My charming hotel:

This place reminds me of Jodhpur, India, a bit, where Brahmins paint their buildings and homes blue, but the streets and the skies here are much cleaner! While "Chaoun" is very low-key during the day, a churlish element comes out at night. It's all a part of the mix, and we, my fellow travelers and I, simultaneously laugh and commiserate.


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