Sunday, April 01, 2007

Perito Moreno

I'm in El Calafate, one of the small, touristic towns bordering the Southern Patagonian Icefield in Argentina. It's full for the Easter holiday (with mostly Argentinian tourists), and the crowds I want to flee!

I came here to see the Perito Moreno glacier and to walk on it. Perito Moreno is one of the highlights here in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, a 27km glacier which touches the shore and periodically dams the adjoining finger lake and over time bursts due to water pressure. I went on an ice hiking trip today, fully outfitted in crampons (flat metal soles strapped to my hiking boots with inch-long, slightly curved metal teeth on the bottom of the sole pointing into the ground). I had to learn to trust that the metal incisors would prevent me from plunging downward when walking down steep declinations of ice, toes pointing forward. I had great fun! The ice crevices hold an intense, ethereal blue. And the calving glacier with its icy outbursts of avalanching towers did not disappoint -- of course this only happened at a distance, close enough to feel the reverberations echo through me but not dislodge the parts on which I was walking!

Perito Mereno:

Infinite articulations of blue:

Its vastness seen from afar:

Close-up, from the water:

Where I walked:

View while walking:

In a crevice, the bluest blue:


Anonymous 'Speck of English dust' said...

Wow!!! These are some of the most stunning photographs I've seen! You should enter them into some kind of geographical photography competition.
How amazing...

My life seems ever smaller and more pathetic when I follow your amazing travel blog.
What an inspiration you are.
I watch & read in awe!


8:59 PM  
Blogger christene said...

Hi dear,

You're sweet, but believe me there are many better photos out there. In fact I plan to improve my photography skills and equipment when I return. For now, all these photos are thanks to my friend Magnus who loaned me his camera after I lost mine!

love, Chris

12:00 PM  

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