Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nothing too delicate of course

There is a cool, humid breeze on this polution-hazy autumn day in Buenos Aires. I am listening to music, the chords of which make me feel like laundry I am rinsing - scrunched, wrung and released, repeatedly (nothing too delicate of course), released of residue of the times, and afterward, refreshed.

BsAs is like a run-down, dirtier version of a European city, perhaps Madrid. Like New York, it is vibrant with the arts. Occurring now is the Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Film. Later this month (and while I am here, yeah!) will be the International Book Festival! Good jazz can be found here.

While I could wile away the days easily, I want to do some traveling! Certainly I will go see Iguazu Falls. Then I will spend some days in Uruguay. Then I will return to BsAs to imbibe the city life for my last week or so prior to (gulp) the end of my trip... So that's the plan right now which is fluid and always changing.


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