Sunday, February 18, 2007

In my humble opinion...

Rio de Janeiro is the most beautiful city on this earth.

Of all the cities I've visited, on this trip and on all prior trips, even places renound to be the most beautiful (for example Cape Town), for the natural surroundings and what man has done in its wake, Rio is the most, most beautiful.


We went to Corcovado today from whose perch along side the giant statue of Jesus Christ we could see a panorama of all Rio. Bellissima!

Afterwards with an appetite augmented by the steep walk up, we went to eat at a churruscuria...meat, meat and more meat.

Portuguese is music to my ears, and so far getting by with Spanish has been okay.

Brazilians are lovely, generous of heart and spirit, kind, playful and joyful. It's obvious that I am one of the throngs of tourists here for Carnival (about 1 million tourists here at Carnival time, I'm told!) and I feel welcomed and touched by a gentle curiousity.

We made friends with our cab driver who became our kind and helpful companion. I didn't see an ulterior motive. Of course we paid him for the taxi, but he did much more than was the duty of a taxi driver.

I don't know why Brazil has the reputation it has (difficult, dangerous)...perhaps this is intentional in order to deny the revelation that another way of life exists and here people are productive, happy and fulfilled.

(Views from Sugarloaf Mountain:)



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